Effortless & Secure Waiver Management



FreeWaiver admin section is easy to navigate and thus enables your customers to easily read, review and sign your waivers digitally. Customers easily fill in their info and sign..



The digital waivers are stored permanently and securely in the Cloud. Your customers can retain a paper confirmation if you and your customer desires. However your waivers are stored securely in your archive.



You can instantly find your waivers through a simple search. So, just forget your paper waivers and find important information instantly.

iconFeatures at a glance

iconReasons your business should be using FreeWaiver

  • Quick and easy setup to have your digital waiver ready for electronic signatures within minutes.
  • Secure online storage of PDF copies of all signed digital waivers.
  • Easy Retrieval of signed digital waivers with quick and simple search.
  • More accuracy with more emails as you gather emails of all participants and other demographic data.
  • Stop cluttering your office space with boxes of paper. Do a solid for the planet and stop unnecessary waste.


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